By rcpostel • 2011, August, Long Exposure Photography, Photo of the Day • 1 Aug 2011

ISO100 f/9.0 2.0 sec

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*My new theme for August is Long Exposure Photography!*

Wow, totally what you wanted to hear, right? No? Why not? Sounds boring? Well then… if you’re not convinced, check out the pics on this site.

Did you look at them? Crazy right? I’m really excited for this month’s theme! I’ve already done my fair share of LEP (my own abbreviation) but there’s still so much to learn about “painting with light” this month! Hope you enjoy.

A new thing I’m adding is the camera settings to the bottom of each photo. So you can see what I did, and also how long the shot was exposed for (for example: the shot above was over a 2 second time span). This photo was taken while we were playing with fireworks at my friend’s lake house a couple weeks ago.

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